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User-contributed enhancements


The gtd-php application is very straightforward and PHP is an easy to understand language. This allow for some simple but powerful customizations to the application that the user can make themselves. This area will be used to collect user-contributed code (features, fixes, themes, etc) that one can pick up and use to patch their gtd-php.

For v0.8


For v0.9, in development

Included in the 0.9 package:

Available as separate downloads:

  • Alertbar to flag up alerts at the top of every gtd-php page about unresolved inbox items
  • Email Import to link a POP3/IMAP Inbox with GTD-PHP
  • Export to text or RSS - see trac:405
  • Import from Tracks? to transfer data from the Tracks GTD application - see trac:414
  • SmallScreen: gtd-php for small screens such as mobiles (cellphones)
  • WYMeditor: an experimental rich-text editor for descriptions and outcomes, and currently the focus of development on rich-text for gtd-php.

Ideas for future addons

If you'd like to take any of these on, please edit this wiki page, and add a comment on the trac ticket too, if there is an appropriate one linked here

  • Demo interface in Flex Builder
  • Bulk create actions from text area - see trac:302
  • Bulk create list items from text area - see trac:237
  • Calendar import/export - see trac:27
  • Flowchart for projects - see trac:76
  • webmail integration - see trac:25
  • convert list items to action items - see trac:298
  • jwysiwyg: another experimental rich-text editor for descriptions and outcomes. This addon is probably a dead-end that won't be supported, unless someone else wants to take on maintenance.

For v0.7


Search Filter
Print Clean Up
Extra Complete Button
Export Actions (e.g. to Outlook)
Stop Duplication of Repeating Tasks
Multi User

Alternative techniques

GTD on a Memory Stick


Sidebar with AccessKeys - This allows you to navigate the application without your hand leaving your keyboard


Gmail to GTD-PHP
Quick Action Add GUI

Add-Ons User Contributed

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