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Those unable to install GTD-PHP on an internet accessible web server, might consider an alternative technique - installing it instead on a memory stick.


This is a WAMP installation (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

  • Windows (similar may be possible with MAMP (Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP - open source project for OS X/Mac use -- stay tuned in the future for a new link in case anyone tries this!)
  • Memory Stick


Essentially the technique is to install a webserver on a USB memory stick, then install GTD-PHP on top of this. At least one of the current packages comes with gtd-php already built in.

That one is MoWeS Portable (Modules Webserver System), although other alternatives should work as well. MoWeS can be downloaded from - select Apache2, PHP5, MySQL5, PHPMyAdmin and gtd-php. The SE versions are "Small Editions" and work fine.

Installation instructions

  1. Transfer the MoWeS download onto your memory stick and run it. Install all of the available packages: Apache, MySQL, PHP, PHPMyAdmin, gtd-php.
  2. Then run mowes.exe in the root of your installed directory, to start the local webserver. Your browser should now open, showing the MoWeS start page.
  3. Browse to http://localhost/phpmyadmin and create a new database called 'gtd' (default options are all fine)
  4. On your memory stick, copy the file /www/gtd-php/config.sample.php to config.php and edit to reflect the settings of the database. The Database name should be 'gtd', user should be 'root' and password could remain empty.
  5. browse to http://localhost/gtd-php/install.php If all goes well, you'll see that the database is built up and you are ready to go.

Have fun!


  • Security: No-one can access the data unless they have the memory stick.
  • Accessibility: Any computer can be used to read GTD-PHP, rather than only one with an internet connection.
  • Cost: Everything involved (aside from the memory stick) is free and open source software.
  • Compatibility: By using this technique, there should be no problems with a webhost using out-of-date versions of PHP or MySQL.


  • Data Loss:If memory stick is broken, lost or stolen - GTD data is permanently lost. Regular backups are therefore essential.
  • Size: The memory stick needs to have large enough data capacity to hold the data. A typical installation of the webserver and GTD-PHP folder in total will weigh about 175MB, including 2000 entries in the gtd-php database.


There is a screencast of installing the predecessor to MoWeS, WOS, at

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