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Next Actions Booklet for v0.9

This marvellous add-on was created by Robert Deeken, and submitted in trac ticket 397.

This requires fpdf, which is a free php library for creating PDFs. To use the default config, fpdf should be a subdirectory of the parent directory of gtd-php, so the path from gtd-php to fdpf is ../fpdf/

Note, this add-on is suitable for people who like hipsterPDAs. You can now download actions from GTD-PHP to your hipsterPDA. -- Crisses


Options are set in

Letter is the default. A4 seems to work ok too. Other sizes will currently behave strangely, as column sizes are currently hard-coded.
the relative path from the gtd-php base directory to the fpdf directory. The default is ../fpdf/
the name of the font present on your server to use. The default is Arial
the size in points of the font to use. The default is 8
defaults to true, which means that only next actions will be printed. If false, all live actions will be printed.

Future options

We may additionally need these options:

at the moment, page 8 is always printed as blank lines for notes, even if there are enough (next) actions to flow onto it. This option would allow the toggling of page 8 between notes and actions,
truncate the printing of project and item titles after a fixed number of characters, to prevent them overflowing
only print out specific contexts, and choose the order they'd be printed in. This is probably the hardest to code, but one of the most useful options.
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Page last modified on January 30, 2009, at 02:09 AM