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Download version, which is the current stable release, packaged in a zip file, and is the version for use on live data.

Alternatively, you can use SVN to extract the latest work-in-progress from the /trunk (as shown below) or /tags directory of our subversion repository:

svn --username anonymous co

When you are prompted for a password use: anonymous

Note that the most stable releases will be in the /tags directory, that /trunk should be relatively stable, and that only developers should be working with releases in the /branches directory, as they may be very unstable and may damage your data. Please back up your databases before using releases from our subversion repository.

Version 0.9 RC1

DOWNLOAD this zip file containing 0.9 release candidate 1. It contains several significant structural changes to the database: upgrading your data is a one-way process.

WARNING: this upgrade is irreversible, so back up your live data before upgrading.

Once you've got it, check out the upgrade instructions, and make sure you read the config instructions too: there are some important changes.

You can also get the latest files from the SVN

svn --username anonymous co

When you are prompted for a password use: anonymous

For software archaeologists only:

The very old release, v0.7, which still contains bugs that have been fixed in 0.8, is still available at Sourceforge, group ID 157107 , but this link is here only for historic reasons, and should not be used.

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