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In GTD-PHP there are many ways to get to the same place. Please see the screencasts for more examples of how navigation works in GTD-PHP.

The Menus

In GTD-PHP there are 6 main menu headings:

To create new items (actions, projects, goals, etc.), choose items in this section.
To review and organize your entries, choose items in this section.
Access to your weekly review, as well as your tickler file, orphaned items, and goals and higher-order items.
To create and manage lists and checklists.
To define categories, space and time contexts, perform maintenance, and set user preferences.
Information on the project, documentation links, development links, etc.

Shortcut Keys

In most modern browsers, you can define hotkeys for specific links. If a hotkey is defined, it will be shown in the menu in parentheses. In Firefox and Safari on the Mac, press [CTRL]-[key] to activate. On the PC, use [ALT]-[SHIFT]-[key]. This doesn't appear to work for IE. These are customizable to your needs in config.php.

Context-Sensitive Navigation

Most things are clickable in reports. Clicking on the text of most things will bring you to a screen to edit them. Clicking on parents of items listed in lists and reports will take you to the report page for that parent. Additionally, there are pencil (edit) and paper (report) icons to the left of items in reports. Finally, clicking on report headers will sort on that field.

Item Creation Shortcut

In all reports, clicking the heading will create a new item of that type.


At the bottom of each report there is a hyperlink which will create a bookmark to remember the currently displayed, filtered report. This is useful as a toolbar bookmark, for example.

GettingThingsDone: The Five Stages of Mastering Workflow with GTD-PHP

David Allen describes a five step process for dealing with things in your life:

GTD-PHP is designed to assist with all five steps in this process. Start with the collect link above to learn how to use all of the features of GTD-PHP.

Documentation Basic Concepts

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