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You can't possibly hope to have any idea what you should do next until you have a clear picture of your work landscape. This requires you to collect all of your "stuff" in one place so you can process it.


Generally, everything gets dumped in the inbox as you collect it. When processing paper, if you know it's a new project or a someday, etc... go ahead and make your life simpler by putting it in it's proper, fully tagged and categorized place. However, most items start their life in the inbox, as you're likely to be not sure what it will turn into... it's just an idea.

To add an item to the inbox, either select Capture -> Inbox from the menu, or click on the Inbox header. Both will take you to the inbox item creation page. Enter the details and press submit. Most often you will only enter a title and description, but fill in every field you know, as it will make your job easier later. If you want to go elsewhere than back to the inbox item creation form, choose your destination from among the options before pressing submit.


In GTD-PHP, item is a generic term for a single inbox item, action, reference, waiting-on, project, goal, role, vision, or value. Items are interchangeable between types. However, be aware that changing types severs item relationships.


References are non-actionable items. They may stand alone, in a general reference file; however in GTD-PHP, they are generally attached to projects, and are thus intended to hold project-specific information.


Lists store any data you wish. In GTD-PHP, they generally hold non-actionable data, such as a list of favorite restaurants.


Checklists function identically to lists, except that they are reusable; resetting the list will set all items back to the uncompleted state. A common use for them is a grocery list or a pre-travel packing checklist.

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