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Contributing to the GTD-PHP Project

Your contributions to GTD-PHP are essential to the success of this project! There are many ways you can help.

Bug Reports

GTD-PHP is under active development. We will mark our first "stable" release with version 1.0. Until then, this application is considered in beta status. However, it is our policy to withhold each release until all new features have been thoroughly tested and the application is considered stable for release.

Yet even with the best intentions, bugs inevitably appear. If you think you have found a bug, help us out by filing a bug report on the developer site.

Before filing a bug, please edit config.php to turn on the debugging output.

$config['debug']= _GTD_DEBUG | _GTD_ERRORS;

File the resultant output with the bug report, as well as a screenshot of the error if necessary.

Feature Requests

Have an idea for a new feature or a better way of displaying data? Can't track something due to a limitation in the application? Tell us about it by filing a feature request. It's the same form as for bug reports-- so please remember to change the ticket type from bug to enhancement.


Find a bug or have an idea for a new feature... and have coding skills too? Submit a patch. If it passes developer review, it will be added to the code and you will have that warm fuzzy feeling of helping the open-source community.

User Extensions

If your new feature requires non-trivial code modification, rather than patching the development code, which may be unstable, consider writing up your idea as a user-contributed extension to the current stable release. Again, if your code is excellent, it will likely be added to a future release.

Join the Development Team

The ultimate contribution is to join the Developer Team. We are always looking for new developers, preferably those who will stick with the project through more than one release. More developers mean faster releases, better specialization amongst developers, and a smaller workload per developer.

You can start out developing by submitting patches and enhancements of high quality. If you express interest, we may invite you to join the team.


Even if you can't code, you can help! Expand upon and clarify the documentation, add to the FAQ, create a Screencast, or add your Tips and Tricks as comments to the documentation.

Helping with User Support

Help other users help themselves. Sign up for the forums and share your experience with others.


If you have web space available, consider checking out the SVN code for a release candidate and help us squash bugs. File bug reports and if you can, submit patches.


Donations to the project are greatly appreciated and are used to help us to pay for hosting services that support our cvs and svn repositories, developer site, the user forums, and related activities.

You can donate via paypal from within GTD-PHP from the help -> donate page.

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