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v0.8 has been released: download it, install it, and watch the tutorial screencasts.


Installation of GTD-PHP requires a computer running a web server, such as Apache, with PHP & MySQL. It can be installed locally, on a memory stick, on an externally available web server, or a shared hosting site. Please see the installation instructions for details.


To configure your new installation of GTD-PHP, copy the file config.sample.php to config.php, and edit the entries.


GTD-PHP is one of many possible tools for use with the productivity solution(s) described by David Allen in his book Getting Things Done. Please read his book; this summary does not do justice to his system, logic or years of experience.

The basic idea behind his book is that you are at your most productive when you have a clear mind. His solution to "clearing your head" is to have a comprehensive, trusted, externalized organizational system to track everything in your life. Once you do so, your mind can let go of all the little things it previously spent a great deal of time tracking and repeatedly reminding. Only then can you truly focus on the task at hand, which should dramatically increase productivity. However, if your external tracking system is not complete and up to date, your mind will take back the task of worrying and nag you about things you could be or should be doing. That will continually distract you and cause stress.

For more details, see GTD Philosophy and Seven Habits.


Everyone manages his or her life differently, and therefore has slightly different requirements from the system. So, The GTD-PHP system was built to allow flexibility. Some of the features depend on your preferences set in config.php. However, every feature can be used or ignored, depending on your needs.

At a minimum, you will have to customize your installation by defining categories and space and time contexts.

It is going to take a full year or two to get your entire life into this system, and a bit longer to fully trust it. We recommend that you take your time, be patient, and explore all the various features of this application. You will be pleasantly surprised! Many of the current features are a result of the developer's continued daily use of the system, coupled with user requests and feedback.

  • Start with Basic Concepts
  • The screencasts will give you a great introduction to GTD-PHP.
  • Built-in to the initial database is instructive sample data.
  • Advanced Topics covers configuration options, database maintenance, and security
  • Have a question? Check out the FAQ first.
  • Quick Tips in case things AREN'T getting done


Your contributions to GTD-PHP are essential to the success of this project! There are many ways you can help.


Donations to the project are greatly appreciated and are used to help us to pay for hosting services that support our cvs and svn repositories, developer site, the user forums, and related activities.

You can donate via paypal from within GTD-PHP from the help -> donate page.


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