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gtd-php Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Questions

Does GTD-PHP support MySQL 5.x or PHP 5.x?

Yes, v0.7 onwards support both versions 4 and 5 of MySQL and PHP. Versions prior to 0.7 used MySQL and Php 4.x versions for development.

How can I get the latest and greatest GTD-PHP app?

From the Download page.

My hosting service only lets me have one MySQL database, so I need to use table prefixes. Does gtd-php support table prefixes?

Yes, but only from v0.8 onwards. In versions 0.7 and below, the functionality is only available through a work-around documented at thread.

Usage Questions

Community / Support Questions

Is there a Wiki?

Yes, you are reading it right now, and can navigate around it with the menu on the left. There's also a wiki for the developers.

Is there a Forum?

Yes, follow the link in the sidebar labeled "Forums".

Is there a IRC-channel?

Yes, #gtdphp at

Where should I report bugs?

From the Help menu inside the application, select "Report a bug". Or click on the "Add Ticket" link on the sidebar of this page. The forums are the place to discuss how to use gtd-php, directions of future development, feature requests, and so on.

How to I submit bugfixes and patches?

If you have any PHP, CSS and/or javascript coding ability, you are welcome to submit fixes and enhancements to GTD-PHP. Instructions for patch submission are on the Developer's Wiki.

Documentation Tips and Tricks

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