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Defining Relationships

Actions belong to Projects, which belong to ...

Version 0.8 introduces new types of items: previously you could create actions, and the projects to which they belonged. Now, projects can be children of other items, which can themselves be children of other items ... this is the gtd-php hierarchy

Selecting Parents

Changing Parents

Consequences of Changing Types

Display Behavior


Tickler File

The tickler file essentially HIDES entries from you until they 'come due' so that they're not on your action/next-action list until they're supposed to be.

That's different from a planning calendar entry. In David Allen's philosophy the only thing in your calendar should be real appointments or events. If a bill needs to be paid between the 20th and 30th of the month, you don't want it on the action list until the 20th. Smiley


Dealing with Orphaned Items

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