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Project Verbs - Organize (Your Thoughts)

Plan (event)DesignComplete
EnsureRoll outUpdate
InstallImplementSet up

Next-action Verbs - Physical Achievable Actions

CallOrganize (sort objects)Review
BuyFill outFind
Look into (Web)PurgeGather
PrintTakeWaiting for
EditLook upGoogle

Do you have stuck actions?

  • Is it really one action? (move to a new project or break it down into steps)
  • Is it a real physical action? (rework it to be physical and achievable or measurable)
  • Is it the VERY next action? (figure out the REAL next action(s))
  • Are you really committed to it? (move to someday/maybe)
  • Is it worded well? (try using context-specific verbs)
  • Can you act on it now? (may need to add a Waiting On or add a follow-up action)
  • Do you remember what it means? (if not, move it to someday/maybe until you figure it out)

(Information gleaned, altered and paraphrased from some articles at 43 folders, feel free to contribute more)

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