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Version 0.8

The complete set of tutorials is at The full list is as follows

  1. Installation (work in progress - Andrew)
  2. Upgrading from 0.7
  3. New features in 0.8, including filtering the item list
  4. Basic Configuration
  5. Advanced configuration
  6. Processing the Inbox
  7. Creating a Project
  8. Creating a Next Action
  9. Spatial Contexts
  10. Checklists (to be done)
  11. Editing and Deleting Items (to be done)
  12. The Weekly Review (to be done)
  13. Changing the Look and Feel

Version 0.7

The following is a list of Quicktime movies that demonstrate different aspects of gtd-php. To view the movies, please follow the links.

Documentation Screencasts

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